• Evelyn Wilroy

Homeowner myth debunked: roofing

Homeowner Myth #8: I’ll save time and money by reroofing over old shingles.

Reroofing, or adding new shingles over existing roofing, may be cheaper than replacing the roof entirely.

But it’s not wise. A roof is like a cake of wooden sheathing beneath an icing of shingles. If the cake is spoiled, you can’t fix it (or even find out about it) by putting an extra layer of icing on top. If there’s damage to your roof, get a new roof, period.

Buyers: make sure you look at the roof and understand the condition it’s in! Ask questions. As an agent, I always look at the roof or ask the listing agent when taking buyers out. For other common myths homeowners fall for, make sure you're subscribed to my email newsletter.

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